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The BDS Drilling Community Forum have in short time hundreds of members you can interact with. Some of our members have more than 25 years of experience in drilling and tapping. This Drilling Community Forum is initiated by BDS Maschinen GmbH, Germany.

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Blind Hole drilling  


Is there a better way to drill a blind hole with a magnetic drill?


The best way to drill blind holes with the magnetic drill is by using twist drill bit. You can also buy magnetic drills with Morse Taper 2, 3 or 4 to use drill bits up to 42 mm diameter. 


Below info is for blind hole tapping:

The easiest way to make blind hole tap is by magnetic drills with a reversible motor.

to drill blind holes with a magnetic drilling machine you must always use a Tap Adapter With Friction Clutch. 

The adapter with friction clutch works in such a way that when the tap reaches the end of the hole the adapters clutch does not make the tap to travel further, then stop the motor, change the direction of the motor, start the motor and bring the tap back.

this way blind hole tapping is very easy and there is no tool breakage.


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