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The BDS Community Forum For Metal Drilling, Tapping and Beveling harnesses the power of the internet to teach hands-on skills, like Drilling, Tapping and Beveling used in fabrication. We release instructional content like how-to videos and blogs, as well as hosting a user-led forum to help our users get instant feedback on whatever they need.

The BDS Drilling Community Forum have in short time hundreds of members you can interact with. Some of our members have more than 25 years of experience in drilling and tapping. This Drilling Community Forum is initiated by BDS Maschinen GmbH, Germany.

The BDS Drilling Community Forum  is a free and non-commercial initiative to help, spread knowledge and interact with beginners and professionals.

[Solved] Custom Tariff Number For Annular Cutters  


What is the Custom Tariff Number for HSS Annular Cutters and TCT Annular Cutters?

Edited: 2 years  ago

HSS Annular Cutters: 82075060
TCT Annular Cutters: 82075050



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