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[Solved] M 30 tapping with magnetic drilling machine?  


How to tap M30 with magnetic drilling machine?


Edited: 3 years  ago
  1. Use a magnetic drilling machine with reversible motor (CW/CCW)
  2. Make a hole of diameter size 26.5 mm diameter.  The hole must not be larger or not smaller, must be exactly 26.5 mm.
  3. After drilling the hole, change the drill bit to M30 machine tap.
  4. Keep the speed knob at a minimum.
  5. Keep the troque/power knob at maximum.
  6. Use cutting paste on the tap. Never use tap without a cutting paste especially for large tap size like M30.
  7. Start the feed, after the taps come our from the other end of the hole, stop the motor, give reverse feed and remove tap from the upper end of the hole.



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