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Presenting a practical solution for beveling & chamfering long plates, small plates, and curved plates. The new BDS EKF Series of Beveling Machines are tailor-made to meet the requirements of every operator. With the current addition of 4 new Chamfering &
Deburring machines, the EKF series now consists of 3 performance categories namely, EKF 300, 400 & 500 Series. They deliver optimal results in a short amount of time, be it machining metal components made of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, brass or even synthetic materials. All machines can produce internal and external radii.

The EKF Series Beveling and Chamfering Machines

The new milling technology from BDS produces the best results with comfortable handling:

The new tangential plate configuration on the milling heads ensures low-impact and low-vibration machining even at lower speeds. A wide range of materials can be machined easily with the variable speed control & full wave control electronics in combination with the strong motor output. The new inserts with four cutting edges also make machining easier.

portable beveling machines


A new gear mechanism redesigned especially for the new EKF series delivers maximum stability:

The double bearing in the working spindle – angular ball bearings in tandem – ensures precise concentricity and stability. The rotary disc with recirculating bearings reduces friction resistance and energy consumption.
New, unique tangential plate configuration
No impact jarring when operating at low speeds
Clean milled edges, even in internal and external radii
Ideal for weld seam preparation

BDS incorporates new technology with no compromises, for milled edges of outstanding quality in many applications:

Deburring:types of beveling machines

Clean, even milled edge
Easy to use
Exact setting of chamfer width

Preparation of welded seams:

Even opening angle
Easy to use with low-strength materials
Weld seam preparation on almost all possible contours


Protect against injuries
Improve the appearance of components

Edge rounding:

Indispensable for corrosion prevention
The coating does not crack once dry
Better adhesion of paint and powder coating
Rounded edges are indispensable on components that are often handled

EKF 500 & EKF 600 Series Beveling Machines:

The high-end top of the line series. Compact series with variable speed & full wave control electronics.

The new EKF 500 & 600 series from BDS is designed for maximum performance and optimal comfort. With the new milling head technology, the EKF machines can also operate at low speeds without jerking or jumping. The result is optimally milled edges, even when rounding. The EKF machines are ideal for deburring, bevelling and weld seam preparation.

Variable speed control
Carbide inserts with four cutting edges
New ergonomic design
Revolving supporting disc

Video Of EKF 500 & 600 Series

Video Of EKF 300 & 400 Series

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