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Since 1973 when the magnetic drilling machine was invented and introduced in the market there have many developments seen in magnetic drilling machines. There are various types of magnetic drilling machine depending on the purpose of use. Below are the types of the magnetic drilling machine and its brief information.

Standard Magnetic Drilling Machines

magnetic drilling machine standardA standard magnetic drilling machine is the most commonly seen magnetic drills in the market. This type of magnetic drilling machine is meant only for drilling. The drilling capacities of this machines can range from 1 mm diameter to 130 mm diameter. Example: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/mab-455/

Magnetic Drilling and Tapping Machines

A http://blogen.bds-machines.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Most-Powerful-Magnetic-Drilling-Tapping-Machine-11.pngmagnetic drilling and tapping machine is purposed to drill as well as tap (thread cutting). This type of machine must be equipped with a reversible motor so that after tapping the thread cutting tool can be removed from above the hole by giving a reverse rotation. These machines are also equipped with variable speed control and variable torque which is must for performing tapping or thread cutting. This type of machines uses machine taps and can perform left hand as well as right-hand taps.  This type of machines can perform tapping up to as big as M42. This type of magnetic drilling machines can perform drilling, tapping, reaming and countersink. Example: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/mab-525/

Lightweight Magnetic Drilling Machineslightweight magnetic drill press

The lightweight magnetic drilling machines are made specially keeping in mind to have a very lightweight and compact machine. These machines have as low as 9 Kg. weight. This type of magnetic drilling machines are ideal for drilling on towers, bridges, remote locations, etc. Example: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/mab-100-k/


Compact or Horizontal Magnetic Drilling Machines

The comphorizontal magnetic drilling machineact magnetic drilling machine is low profile magnetic drilling machine specially manufactured for confined drilling situations. This type of horizontal drilling machine has height as low as 180 mm. Such type of magnetic drilling machines performs only drilling. Example: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/mab-155/


Automatic Magnetic Drilling MachinesAutomatic Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machines MAB 1300V (6)

The automatic magnetic drilling machines are the next generation of type of magnetic drilling machines and are getting more and more popular in a short period of time. The automatic drilling machines can perform drilling automatically. These machines are equipped with feed motors. This feed motor can be controlled by a variable feed controller. The drilling is feed is automatic and is controlled by the user, once the drilling is finished the user must manually change the feed to reverse and then start the automatic reverse feed. The automatic magnetic drilling machines can perform drilling, tapping, reaming and countersink. Example: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/mab-1300-v/


Fully Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machines

Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machines (4)The fully automatic drilling machines are the most advanced and sophisticated magnetic drilling machines. The ”fully automatic” magnetic drilling machines perform automatic drilling feed, once the hole is drilled the machines goes into automatic reverse feed and once the drill head reaches the top the feed stops automatically. The fully automatic drilling machines adjusted the load also by itself. the fully automatic drilling machines perform only drilling operation. Example: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/automab-350/


Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machines pneumatic magnetic drilling machines

The pneumatic magnetic drilling machine is equipped with a pneumatic motor and a permanent magnetic. This magnetic drilling machine is completely independent of the electric power supply. It works with an air compressor. The pneumatic magnetic drilling machines are ideal machines for drilling in fire hazard location. The pneumatic magnetic drilling machines also have one great advantage that it needs very less maintenance. Example: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/airmab-5000/


Cordless Magnetic Drilling Machines

cordless magnetic drilling machinesThe next type of magnetic drilling machine is the cordless magnetic drilling machines are battery operated. It is equipped with a powerful Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. This cordless magnetic drilling machines did not get as much popularity as the other types of magnetic drilling machines. The cordless magnetic drilling machines have many drawbacks like transportation of battery, the capacity of the battery, few numbers of holes drilled per charge, and cost of the machine.



Cross Table Base Magnetic Drilling and Milling Machines

The cross table base magnetic drilling and milling machine is the most innovative type of magnetic drilling machine in the present day. Types Of Magnetic Drilling MachinesThe cross table base magnetic drilling and milling machine is equipped with a cross table base which can move in X and Y Axis. The cross table base magnetic drilling and milling machine is specially used for milling operations to make keyway slots or oval holes. the cross table base magnetic drilling and milling machine can perform drilling, milling, countersink, reaming. The cross table base magnetic drilling and milling machine is equipped with a powerful motor, double magnet, variable speed and torque control and a reversible motor. Example: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/mab-825-kts/


For More Information Please Visit: https://www.bds-machines.com/magnetic-drilling-machines/


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